Standing desks, also known as sit stand desks or height adjustable desks, are booming quite fast, and it is becoming core for every company which cares about their employees. Many companies are using standing desks such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and AOL to ensure their employees’ wellbeings. The reason why standing desks are becoming so popular is its impact on the health of the person using it. Researchers have found that sitting all day can lead to many diseases that could actually kill you! It says that people who sit 5-6 hours per day are 54% more likely to have a heart attack. However, most people sit all day long in office (90% of work day), and continue to sit after then back at home … …There are also many other bad effects of sitting like diabetes, obesity, back pain, many heart diseases and more. So it is very important to stand at least some part of the day’s work to avoid these fatal situations.

The solution to all these issues are standing desks as they will provide you with an adjustable working environment where you can easily adjust your work desk to whether sit or stand. You can just easily adjust it according to your height and get the best results. Many people think that they can just have a little walk or do some exercise if their work involves too much sitting. Unfortunately, damages caused by too long sitting cannot be cured by having some kind of workout after it, the only way to avoid these negative effects is to avoid sitting too long. Apart from helping avoid many health concerns raised by sitting, height adjustable desk has also proved to increase employee work productivity.

Standing desk can not only help you avoid issue caused due to sitting it can even help you make your health better. If you work while standing there you will be losing calories, may be not as much as walking or running but still better than sitting and killing yourself. You will be able to lose some weight and strip away cellulite as you are losing calories. If you have back pain, which is quite often when you work while sitting then working on standing desk can even cure that. Apart from all the health benefits, it will also help you work better by improving the following:


When you work while standing you are more focused on the tasks in hand. When you are standing it becomes easier to release restless energy, maintain good circulation, and active metabolism that all leads to more focus on the task. While standing you think less about other things and try not to wander around and waste time on things like social networks. As all other distracting things are out of the way, you are more focused on your work and think about getting it done.

However, it might not be a good idea when you are doing something creative which requires you to relax and think deeply. Working standing will provide you focus and urgency to get the work done, which is not good for doing something that involves deep thinking and time. In such situations you need to sit and let your mind wander and look for creative options. As standing desks are adjustable you can just adjust it to your required level and just sit and relax.

Higher energy levels

Energy levels stay constant when you stand during the day and you won’t feel any 3 o’clock slump or crave for food. This means you will not be distracted as your eyes won’t droop and there will be no need of unconditional breaks for food.

Fewer headaches

Headaches are quite common when you are working on things like accounting or programming which involve a lot of concentration but it becomes even worse when you handle all these tasks while sitting. It has been found that working while standing can actually decrease the chances of having a headache with tough tasks. If your job involves a lot of concentration, then standing could be the best possible answer. When you are standing you will be able to concentrate better and get the work done without experiencing any headaches.


Sit stand desk can be the best thing any employee could have who is concerned about his/her health. Sitting in one place can have very negative effects on the health and only solution to them is having a standing desk. In ergonomics, standing desk is starting to have quite some importance and is becoming core for many big organizations that care about the health of their employees. The earlier you invest in standing desk, the earlier you have a healthy and comfortable life style.

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