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Model No.KT01
Track Length43.5cm (17″)
Height Range13.5cm (5.3″)
Tilt Range+10° to -45°
Swivel Range360°

Platform Dimensions

50.3×24.2×1.6cm (20″x9.5″x0.6″)
Mouse Pad Dimensions20x23cm (7.8″x9″)


Ergomaker Keyboard Tray

Technology that follows you.

Watch the Introduction of Ergomaker Keyboard Tray

A creative tray setting for productivity.

Be the boss of your own keyboard.


The Ergomaker Keyboard Tray is a key component of a truly ergonomic workstation. It is by design a very flexible keyboard tray that encourages comfortable posture and helps to avoid any stress or ailments that may result from improper positioning of the computer keyboard. Instead of your stationary keyboard position dictating the working posture you take, the Ergomaker Keyboard Tray gives you control, and also provides palm support on both its keyboard and mouse platform.

Undaunted superior flexibility.

The Ergomaker Keyboard Tray slides in and out under the desk freely and enables users to adjust their keyboard position until it becomes ergonomically perfect for their different postures. Its standard 43.5cm (17’’) track allows for full retraction under the desk, so as to ensure that the tray does not get in the way of anything when not in use. The Ergomaker Keyboard Tray also allows for 360° swivel movement of the keyboard and mouse. It has a tilt adjustment range of +10° to -45° and a height adjustment range of 13.5cm (5.3’’) that gives it a superior flexibility which will ergonomically fit any kind of posture you may wish to take.

Strong durable design.

With a superior design to provide maximum strength and stability, the Ergomaker Keyboard Tray is made primarily from powder-coated steel, while both its mouse and keyboard platform surfaces are made of plastic, plus the presence of a smooth support part for you to rest your palm on while working. The keyboard platform is wide with a 50.3 (20’’) x24.2 (9.5’’) x1.6 (0.6”) cm dimension, and is therefore large enough to hold most keyboards. The Ergomaker Keyboard Tray is compatible with desks that have a crossbeam on their underside, and perfect to accommodate Ergomaker Sit Stand Desk.

All through from initial concept to final production of the Ergomaker Keyboard Tray, the environment was given thorough consideration, and absolutely no toxic substance was used. The tray is made entirely of recyclable steel with powder coating surface treatment, and is shipped in a recyclable package.

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