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Ergomaker CPU Holder

Raise your CPU Up!

Watch the Introduction of Ergomaker CPU Holder

Ergonomic CPU Holder

A unique bracket that complements height adjustable desks.

Mounts your CPU and prolongs its life.

By acting as a unique bracket that mounts your CPU perfectly under the desk instead of on the floor where it’s more prone to static or dust build-up, the Ergomaker CPU Holder protects and prolongs the life of your CPU. It also ensures that your CPU stays cool, vents freely, and its cables are not stretched or pulled when using the height adjustment capabilities of the Ergomaker Sit Stand Desk.

Protection for your CPU and its cables.

The Ergomaker CPU Holder ensures that your cables are not stretched or pulled when using your desk’s height adjustment capabilities. But even non-standing desk users can benefit from the protection it provides for the CPU as well, because it mounts the CPU under your desktop instead of on the floor, thereby freeing up leg space, keeping the CPU cooler, and getting it off the ground where it’s more prone to collect dust.

CPU Holder
Adjustable CPU Holder

Durably designed for easier access to your computer’s brain box.

With the awesome design of the Ergomaker CPU Holder, it’s easy to put in or take out a CPU in seconds. The width and height of the holder can be easily adjusted by slide, such that there’s no need of going through the hassle of loosening or tightening screws anytime you want to put or take out your CPU. The holder is adjustable to fit CPUs from 8cm (3.1’’) to 22cm (8.6’’) wide and 32.5cm (12.8’’) to 55.5cm (21.8’’) tall. The Ergomaker CPU Holder is made from cold-rolled, powder-coated steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. It is designed to easily support CPUs weighing up to 20kg (50lbs), and comes with an anti-slip rubber to secure the CPU in place no matter what.

All through from initial concept to final production of the Ergomaker CPU Holder, the environment was given thorough consideration, and absolutely no toxic substance was used. The holder is made entirely of recyclable steel and is shipped in a recyclable package.



CPU Width

Accommodate to 8 – 22cm (3.1″ – 8.6″)

CPU Height

Accommodate to 32.5 – 55.5cm (12.8″ – 21.8″)

Load Capacity

20kg (50lbs)



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