Monitor Arm

The Ergomaker Monitor Arm allows users to raise, lower, swivel, rotate or retract their computer display monitors, so as to keep it at their own unique comfortable eye level to prevent neck & shoulder strain and leave more space to your desk surface. It serves as a very essential component of ergonomic workstations. It’s a priceless luxury for multiple user workstations, where in a matter of seconds, a new user can re-position the screen to fit his/her precise need.

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Ergomaker Monitor Arm

Move the monitor anyway you want.

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Monitor Arms

Made to give you the viewing edge.

Maximize display usage and enhance productivity.

Workflow is best when any user can effortlessly put their screen in the right ergonomic position that works best with their favorite posture. Thus, by allowing users to swiftly control the angle and focal depth of their display monitor with maximum precision, the Ergomaker Monitor Arm gives users the optimal viewing edge. This ultimately helps to completely eliminate common discomforts like headaches and eye fatigue that are associated with eye strain, thereby creating a healthier workplace.


Integrated cable management.
A clean and tidy oriented design.

The Ergomaker Monitor Arm features an integrated cable management, which hides cables within the arm and also comes with mounting options for either a clamp or a bolt-through mount, which makes it suitable for the common desktop thickness sizes. No more CPU or monitor wires hanging loosely and most importantly, no more wire trampling hazards.


Improved viewing and screen sharing efficiency.

The Ergomaker Monitor Arm allows users to raise, lower or retract their computer display monitors, so as to keep it at their own unique comfortable eye level while leaving just enough space to prevent neck strain. This would ultimately help the user to completely eliminate the health hazards such as headaches, neck cramping and eye fatigue, which have all been associated with either eye or neck strain. The Ergomaker Monitor Arm also allows a 180° swivel of the monitor, which is perfect for quick sharing of display screen.


Long lasting Mechanical Spring.

The Ergomaker Monitor Arm features a long lasting mechanical spring instead of using a gas cylinder to counterbalance the weight of the monitor while providing up to 360° rotation, +30° to -30° tilt, and a height adjustment range of 20-50cm (8”-20”). This top-quality mechanical spring provides an ultra-thin design and longer life span than traditional gas-spring models. The Ergomaker Monitor Arm has a reach of about 45cm (18”) and a load capacity of 3-8.5kg (6.6-18.7lbs) which translates to support for any monitor within the 10-28’’ size range.

More space more possibilities.

The awesome way in which the Ergomaker Monitor Arm hangs a monitor up off the desktop surface, coupled with its integrated cable management which hides all cables within the arm, and the ability to easily retract the monitor, all contribute to give the user a quick option of creating massive space on the same computer desktop surface whenever they need to carry out other needed tasks like writing etc. Each Ergomaker Monitor Arm includes 75mm and 100mm VESA mounting plates, as well as mounting options for either a clamp or a bolt-through mount, such that it doesn’t take much space at all to mount.


All through from initial concept to final production of the Ergomaker Monitor Arm, the environment was given thorough consideration, and absolutely no toxic substance was used. The arm is made entirely of recyclable aluminum and is shipped in a recyclable package.



Height Range

20-50 cm (8-20″)

Arm Reach

45cm (18″)

Load Capacity

3 – 8.5kg (6.6 – 18.7 lbs)

Rotation Range

360° rotation
180° swivel
+30° to -30° tilt

Monitor Size

Supports 10-28″ monitors

Mounting Options

Clamp or bolt-through mount

Desktop Thickness

Clamp mount: 15 – 45 mm (0.6″ – 1.8″)
Bolt-through mount: <=90mm (3.5”)

Monitor Compatibility

VESA 75×75 and 100x100mm


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