Who We Are

Ergomaker is the premier manufacturer of ergonomic furniture that improve the health and comfort of work life. Our products include Electric Standing Desks, Desktop Converters, Monitor Arms, Keyboard Trays, CPU Holders, Laptop Stands, and more.

Ergomaker is a limited company that does business in more than 30 countries . The company’s manufacturing facility is located in China and the warehouses expanded to Europe, Asia, America, and Oceania.

We believe in design and innovation and produce each product with world-class quality at an affordable price. We started our business eight years ago with a passion for ergonomic products, since they are always pricey and people can seldom afford them. Our expertise in ergonomics puts us in a position to create healthy and comfortable workplaces for our customers.

By investing in ergonomic furniture, you are investing in a healthy future, free of the strains related to modern office living. SAY NO TO THE GOOD AND YES TO THE BEST, as we offer you the very best ergonomic solutions.

Why choose us

To improve the health and comfort of human workplaces

Innovation, Focus, Efficiency, Commitment

To balance aesthetics and function, price and quality, manufacturing and the environment

We strive to exceed your expectations

  • Top ergonomic furniture brand gives you the opportunity to showcase your image.

  • World-class design and quality help you to satisfy customers and boost business.

  • Low prices direct from the maker will increase your competitiveness and profit.

  • Fast delivery and professional service allow you to cut costs.

  • We offer top-notch support because we care about your business as much as you.

Our Design Philosophy

Ergomaker, a pinnacle of ergonomic design, seamlessly merges aesthetics and function, cost and quality, manufacturing and environmental responsibility. Simplicity is at the core of Ergomaker’s philosophy, where form and function unite effortlessly to enhance the user experience. Premium build quality is non-negotiable; every product is meticulously crafted for both durability and comfort, backed by rigorous testing and expert certification. What truly distinguishes Ergomaker is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The brand prioritizes eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices, reducing its environmental impact. Ergomaker’s human-centric design logic harmonizes aesthetics, functionality, affordability, and excellence, benefiting individuals and the planet alike.


Ergomaker Flourish Your Workplace

Ergomaker is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals and individuals reach their full potential. Our commitment to excellence in ergonomics and customer service is at the heart of our mission. As both the manufacturer and retailer, we bring top-quality ergonomic solutions directly to you at the most affordable prices. We believe in making better products and services accessible to everyone. Since our inception, we have been a trusted partner in optimizing workspaces, earning the trust of businesses worldwide. Discover why Ergomaker is the preferred choice for those seeking excellence in ergonomic solutions. Transform your workplace with Ergomaker and thrive like never before.

Trusted by Experts

Trusted by Experts - Ergomaker

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