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Ergomaker Sit Stand Desk

Electric Adjustable Height.

Changing the Way You Work.

Watch the Introduction of Ergomaker Height Adjustable Desk

Standing Desk

Take a stand. Make a move.

Change positions quickly and achieve new heights.

The Ergomaker Sit Stand desk gracefully moves from the sit to stand position with the touch of a button. So that when you’ve been sitting for too long and the level of comfort or wellbeing you feel is on the low, you can effortlessly switch to the elevated standing position and ultimately bring about new heights of productivity. Learn More…

Height Adjustable Desk

Exceptional cutting-edge design.

The biggest revolution yet in office culture.

A truly ergonomic setup leaves room for free movement of the legs. This meant that Ergomaker’s designers had to neatly incorporate all the motors and mechanical components into each column of electric height adjustable desk. There could be no crossbar, visible gears, or wires hanging around whatsoever. The chrome cable covers adds beauty and the round corners will not hurt anyone if mistakenly they bump into it. Learn More…

Electric Adjustable Desk

Two synchronized motors.

Powerful yet quieter and sleek to operate.

With two synchronized motors, one motor in each leg, the electric adjustable height desk is quieter, stronger and more reliable. It also features unique Hall feedback sensors to control the aligned movement of the two legs. Its control handset features an awesome digital readout for precision adjustments, with four preset positions available. Just the push of a button and you’re on to your preset height, free of your hands. Learn More…

A genuinely sustainable desk.

Made with the environment in mind from start to finish.

Manufactured with only the finest environment-friendly materials from initial concept through final production, the height adjustable desk looks beautiful and works perfectly with its energy efficient consumption of 0.1W in standby power. Learn More…

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