It is a truth universally acknowledged that “sitting is new smoking”, so standing desks are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, sit-stand desks are a common choice and many people prefer it while there are many others who choose fixed-height standing desks. Is it a good idea?

There are mainly three types of desks available in the market either they are sit-stand desks that can be adjusted for different postures and heights depending on how you want to work, sitting desks which are only good for sitting while the third one is a fixed-height standing desk which you can only use while standing. The uses of sit-stand desks are diverse and dynamic while both sitting and standing desks have limited use.

Fixed-height standing desks are not that expensive as compared to sit-stand desks rather you can buy a separate standing and sitting desk at the price of one sit-stand desk. You cannot just compromise on standing desks as employees need a break and they want to sit down so you have to set sitting desks with them too. This will require more space than sit-stand desks as well as about the same cost so it will not even be a cost-effective choice as to some extent it will increase your costs.

Ergonomic work conditions are ideal for increasing productivity whereas a fixed-height standing desk is not ergonomic at all because workers have different heights and need to have different postures just like everyone has different shoe sizes.  So many offices keep sit-stand desks in the public area where people can adjust their height according to their posture.

The perfect fixed-height standing desks are problematic to buy because most people have different heights but manufactures cannot customize desks to everyone’s height so they have several standard height options which might not suit very tall or very short employees.

Every time you want to shift from sitting desks to standing one you need to shift your entire table which becomes troublesome especially for non-portable devices. This shifting becomes impossible for desktops so your employees become restricted to one kind of desk.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of fixed-height standing desks is that they help save workers from the disadvantages of sitting. However, we cannot deny the fact that workers cannot keep standing for all day long so sit-stand desks are a better option.

Thus, it can be said that fixed-height standing desks are good for occasional use whereas if you want to opt for a dynamic lifestyle, then the best option is a sit-stand desk. This is because when you want your workers to be productive and work in an ergonomic environment, then sit-stand desks offer greater variety and diversity. This helps them enjoy working in different postures which makes it convenient for them as well as you.

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