Choosing Height Adjustable Desk: Crossbar vs. No Crossbar

Consumers are tired of desks that stay at a fixed height, that are never at the level they need to be. Rather than a one size fits all approach, makers of height adjustable desks are innovating with this new technology to provide stable, yet customizable, desks that work for every user. The question remains: what type of height adjustable desk design is right for you?

Crossbar vs. No Crossbar

Height adjustable desks have a lot going for them: customizable height, posture correction and their own unique features. With height adjustable desks, you don’t have to worry about straining your neck or standing all day at a raised desk. You want the ability to use either a standing or sitting position when you please, and this type of desk delivers.

Height adjustable desks come in a variety of designs, but most will have (or not have) a key feature – a crossbar on the desk’s frame. This crossbar is said to provide more stability, but let’s look at a few pros and cons of having a height adjustable desk with this feature.


• A crossbar provides a stronger frame and prevents the desk from shaking or wobbling when at its maximum height.
• You can use the crossbar as a footrest.


• It’s not as ergonomic. You won’t have as much leg space, and your movement will be limited.
• Having a crossbar means the height adjustable desk will most likely be more expensive because more materials are used to build it.
• You won’t have as much storage space underneath the desk.
• The height adjustable desk with crossbar often uses a C-frame, which means that the legs offset to the rear of the feet and arms. In this way, the assembly can be difficult, and many people waste a lot of time when they first install the desk.
• Height adjustable desks without the crossbar will typically use a T-frame, where the legs are centered on the feet and arms. It’s easy to assemble the desk because you don’t need to figure out which side to put the legs on.

Despite the benefits of going without the crossbar, many consumers question the stability of the desk. The good news is that the design can be just as sturdy without the crossbar as it is with it. Many height adjustable desks have been designed with stronger legs and beams to support the desk so that no crossbar is needed.

Height adjustable desks without the crossbar will give you more leg room, allowing you to stretch out and avoid leg cramping. The next time you’re in the market for a height adjustable desk, get one without a crossbar. It’s the design that’s best for everyone.




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