Are you struggling to find a comfortable position to work in? Does your chair seem to be coming up short, leaving you hunched over your keyboard, trying to shift your body away from the shooting pain in your lower back? It might not be your chair. Studies have shown that the strain on your neck, arms and back from keyboards that are positioned incorrectly can greatly affect your choice of sitting position. If the keyboard is too far away or on too high of a level, you’ll find yourself leaning forward rather than letting the chair back support you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an adjustable keyboard tray that you can set at exactly the right level? Well, you’re in luck. Developers have come up with a keyboard tray system that keeps your posture upright and aligned. Most people in an office setting, whether it’s at work or at home, find themselves leaning forward in order to reach the keyboard. Not only does this put a strain on the spine and neck, but the desk’s height means that the keyboard or keyboard tray is too elevated, resulting in sore wrists and tired arms.

A keyboard tray arm attachment is completely adjustable and customizable to whatever height and depth you choose. The tray is connected to a mechanical arm that is easily attached to any surface. The arm’s swiveling and tilting ability lets you make sure you are typing in the best position for you. Neutral or slightly down-turned wrist positions are best, and the keyboard tray should be tilted anywhere from 0 to -15 degrees, easing the strain on your wrists.

Although the tray is lightweight, it is very strong and durable. Making the tray adjustable allows your legs and knees adequate room to move freely without hitting them on the tray. The mouse pad can be attached to either the left or the right side, and a hypoallergenic gel pad protects your wrists from getting sore. The pad is designed to be compatible with human skin, so those who are sensitive to certain materials won’t experience irritation. The level of comfort the keyboard tray provides helps prevent future problems such as carpal tunnel and tendinitis, as well as other musculoskeletal health issues.

If you’re fed up with the soreness and aches of an improperly placed keyboard, purchasing a keyboard tray will give you the relief you need. You’ll experience improved posture and greater work efficiency, all while soaking up the health benefits of a well-aligned neck and back. After all, isn’t your health an important factor in your work day? Give a keyboard tray a shot, and you’ll wonder how you ever worked without one.

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