Improving Your Workspace with Monitor Arms

When it comes to designing ergonomic workspace one of the best things that you can do is make sure that your monitor is the correct height and distance from you at your working space. The problem with many flat screen monitors is that they don’t come with any type of adjustment. Rather than struggling with your monitor or placing it up on books or a stand, you should strongly consider mounting your monitor with a monitor arm.

A monitor arm is like an advanced desk mount for a monitor. This clever bracket mounts to the back of your monitor and you can quickly and easily adjust the height and position to where your monitor is sitting in the perfect place. For ergonomic workspaces that utilize multiple monitors this is an ideal solution for saving space as well as improving conditions like neck strain, carpal tunnel and more.

Monitor arms are available at many office stores as well as online. The only important thing that you have to watch out for is getting a monitor arm that’s designed for your screen. While many monitor arms feature generic design there are some manufacturers that require specialty brackets in order to mount the monitor to the arm directly. Desk mounting brackets for the other end of the arm are usually simple screw in construction. The only thing that a user may need to watch for is that they screwed the bracket directly on a desk is some monitors can be quite weighty.

Some of the main benefits that you can receive using a monitor arm include:

Placing your screen at the correct height

Most monitor arms are height adjustable meaning that you can move them to eye level as you are sitting comfortably in a chair working. Rather than having to look up constantly or look down, a monitor arm puts your computer screen at an ideal height for viewing.

Unlocking more workspace

Monitor arm with a swing arm could actually allow you to completely fold your monitor away when you require more desk space. Swing arms with monitors can also help you to set up multiple displays with the ability to move monitors out-of-the-way at your discretion.

Angle adjustments

Angling your monitor as well as changing the depth that your monitor sits at your desk to also helps with individuals who have to strain to see images on a monitor constantly. Rather than avoiding eye strain, a monitor that’s fully adjustable can help you to get more done and experience less pain to the day.

You can have more monitors

If you find that your productivity could be increased with the help of a second monitor a monitor arm could potentially unlock extra space with your work station. Dual monitor arms will mount two monitors close together into one giant screen and free up desk space.

Many monitor arms come with cord management

In many cases you can manage some of the cords on your monitor with the help of the cord management features on monitor arms with zip ties and Velcro you can hold all of the cords for your monitor in place and ensure a more cleanly workspace.

Increased productivity

Without having to strain your eyes to the screen, play around with your monitor adjustments or experience pain and fatigue from working in an improperly configured workspace, you can experience better efficiency and increase productivity.

No matter which monitor arm you decide to choose for your workspace including one of these accessories can have a number of untold benefits for efficiency and comfort. A monitor arm is not only a great idea for your health but for the future of your career!




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