Reasons to Include a CPU Holder in Your Workspace

They’re big, they’re bulky, and they’re always in your way. The CPU for your computer is an essential piece for your work station, but it takes up too much room on the desk for you to get any work done. How can you solve this problem?

CPU holders have become a highly viable solution to those with limited space on their desks, making it easy to access the CPU without having it in the way. No longer will you have to sacrifice desk space in exchange for easy access to your computer’s main “brain.” CPUs can get quite heavy and weigh more than 50 pounds, so it’s important to have a holder that can handle it. CPU holders are typically made of a strong aluminum or steel, and many have very sleek designs that fit right in with your work space décor. Most can be attached with few or no tools at all. These CPU holders fit snugly on the underside of your desk and away from the ground, keeping the CPU safe and secure.

Should you need to do maintenance on your CPU, all you have to do is take it out of the holder and then put it back once you’re finished. By having the CPU under your desk but off of the floor, you’re also protecting it from dirt and dust that can corrupt the intricate wiring that keeps your computer going. Our environment can often have a negative impact on our hardware such as steam or water seeping in, but dirt and dust are far more difficult to clean. Avoid the hassle and buy a CPU holder to keep it clean and dust-free. This helps prolong the life of your CPU and improves its overall performance.

Another great feature of a CPU holder is that you can effortlessly plug whatever you need to into the CPU without having to take it out of the holder. Oftentimes, the holder will have a swivel motion that lets you turn it the full 360 degrees. This means not only are you able to plug in to ports and drives without twisting your neck trying to see behind the desk, but cords will be out of the way and not heaped at your feet or tangling around your legs.

If you have a sit/stand desk with a CPU holder, you’ll be able to adjust the height without straining cords or having to rearrange components. Without the CPU holder, your sit/stand desk can end up unplugging vital cords when you adjust the desk’s height, which can eventually lead to damage to the cords or even breaking. It can also bend the delicate ports when plugs are ripped out of them by using the desk’s height adjustment, or you can accidentally step on cords and pull them out if they’re stuck underneath your feet because you don’t have a CPU holder.

Now that you know the benefits of having a CPU holder, it’s time to select the one that’s right for you. Different CPU holders can have a variety of features, but make sure that the one you select has at least most of those listed above. After that, it’s smooth sailing as you enjoy your easily accessible CPU.




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