A sit stand desk is a popular idea but choosing the right one is not a simple task. For those of you who don’t know, a sit stand desk is an innovative type of a desk. You see, apart from a flat table top and a pair of legs to stand, it also has a new and important feature. I am talking about the ability to resize it. Yes, this type of desk can become a standing desk from a sitting desk in no time! Also vice versa, of course.

So, how to choose the best sit stand desk? Well if you are wondering; like all things, a sit stand desk has quality and types as well. Every aspect is involved equally and crucially. Let’s talk about what you may need in a desk like that and what suits best for you.

Before heading out and buying a sit stand desk straight on, there are some beforehand preparations which you should make. These include measuring the place where you will place your desk. And also measure yourself so that you have an idea where the display would be mounted and where the keyboard will be placed. Take note of everything and form an image of the desk itself in your mind. This will ensure no other errors which may later trouble you when you get home.

Now comes the buying part itself. Choosing which one is right may be a lot easier now that you have got the measurements. But it is still a common issue that people end up buying something that eventually does not work out. How? Basically, what you have to know is that the perfect sit stand desk is basically the one which makes you stand to your need and let you sit down when choose to, both comfortably and effortlessly.

Let’s see the 10 further factors that we have to keep in mind.

  1. Adjustment

First, check the adjustment. Adjusting the desk from sitting to standing to sitting position again will be something you will frequently do. That’s why you should always get one which has an easy form of adjustment. An electrical sit stand desk is best but also costs a little more. Yet, the benefits are amazing. You can move the desk from sit to stand position by the push of a button! If you think that’s the one for you, than you’ll need to set aside some cash.

Yet you can also go for manual one. But be sure to check if you feel comfortable adjusting its position. Here, a hand crank one would not be good as it would require you to put a lot of effort into moving the desk up and down and will also take more time. It would require you to rotate 60 or more cycles to get to stand position from the original sit position. Now that’s a lot if you ask me. A pin sit stand desk is more conventional but would trouble a person who would adjust the desk frequently and regularly. Still there are many cheaper ones which only require a bit of effort. For example, you can get a desk which allows you to move it through a tightening screw. You can unscrew it to enable it to move and then just tighten it when adjusted.

2. Minimum Height

Although you HAVE taken measurements, you should also make sure that the minimum height of sit stand desk is around 60cm-70 cm. That makes it high enough to not touch your chair or maybe your legs in cases. For adults this is a major problem as their own body comes in the way of the desk. This would really trouble you later on so you should keep this in mind.

3. Maximum Height

Similarly, you should also note that the average height while in standing position is 120cm. This is conventional for most people and makes it easy to do your work while standing as well. Adding more height to this would be fine as you yourself require but lowering it further is usually not good. Unless and until you are getting the sit stand desk for your child, which you are most probably not, then these heights are definitely a MUST.

4. Load Capacity

Another thing to note is the weight it can hold. This is what a desk would usually do i.e. hold weight. So it must be strong enough to hold whatever you put on it and does not break down. This ‘load capacity’ varies according to your needs. Usually, this information is given with the sit stand desk when you are buying it, so making sure it is enough will always keep you on the safe side. 80kg is a minimum requirement which goes up to a 120kg maximum weight. This ensures that you can easily add anything on the work table from a whole computer set to additions for office desks like printers and other required accessories. Again, it depends on your needs so get the one which suits you.

5. Desktop Dimensions

The overall shape of the sit stand desk also matters. The thickness of the top can mean the difference in its strength. It should be about 2.0-2.5cm thick to be able to hold everything without looking awkward at the same time. The most popular dimension for office use is 160x80cm. Still you can choose other sizes, from 120x60cm to 180x90cm. It all depends on the available space and what is it going to be used for.

6. Crossbar

No crossbar. At all. Ever. Although most of the desks come with this installed for more stability, a good sit stand desk does not need a crossbar. It’s simple; you have absolutely no use of it and if a desk needs a crossbar for stability, than it’s not a good one. This is, basically the rod placed between the legs of the desk and comes where your own legs should be. This is a standard rule for all desks whether standing or sitting. DO NOT USE A CROSSBAR. It really irritates you when you cannot stretch your legs out after a long period of work. Of course, standing would solve that problem, but no one likes to keep their legs tucked in all the time, while knowing they’ll have to stand up every time to stretch them.

7. Stability

The next thing you check is the sit stand desk’s stability. It is how secure and safe the desk is. This also means how strong it is and how much pressure it can endure. The best check for this is to raise the desk to its maximum height and try to move it on its axis. If it starts swinging around and definitely feels wobbly, you should consider another one. Balance is everything here and it really matters when you are adding much more weight to the desk. You see, if you do add such weights e.g. computers and privacy panels, the desk will have a high risk of knocking over. Especially when you switch to standing position, as the desk is even less stable then. Of course, leaning on a desk like that would definitely not be a good idea. For the long run, it is always better to buy a sit stand desk which is stable and firm.

8. Flexible Frame

The sit stand desk frame should be flexible and width adjustable; normally 100-180cm. This means that the frame would be suitable to desktops of different sizes. Also, when in need of a new design or a new desktop, you can always keep the same frame and only buy the desktop, so that you save money and time as well.

9. Environmental Friendliness

Other than that, a few other factors include environmental friendliness, which can be evaluated by their grade. The desktop should usually be E1 or E0 grade. This also means that the coating on the sit stand desk and frame is not toxic, because if a toxic powder dissolves into the air around you, it can cause serious problems. Your family and you might become endangered to diseases. Yes, that’s how major this issue is. Be careful. Buy an environmental friendly desk.

10. Assembly

Also, read the manual and check if the assembly is easy. An easy assembly is an indication of a good design sit stand desk. You see, if a company was making a good quality desk they would be sensible enough to add an easy assembly and keep this point in mind. While some assemblies which look harder, indicate that the desk is not of the finest design and will take hours to put together, while not giving you the best quality either.

All in all, if a sit stand desk is what you need, you will definitely have to follow these steps to ensure you do not end up with a desk which is of low quality and also does not provide what is needed by you in the first place. Choosing might be harder than you thought, but it is worth the while. May it be an electrical complete desk set, or a flexible attachment to your old desk, it all depends on you and what you require from it. Eventually, you will notice the difference between making these decisions beforehand and not making them. Getting something minimalistic and truly easy to use will depend entirely on you. Do some search and you will find the sit stand desk you were always looking for; a desk that is unique and adjusts the way you want to work, and not vice versa.

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