4 Height Adjustable Desks That You May Find Worth Using

If you have been daily spending a lot of your time sitting in front of your home or office’s computer, it is sure that ideas on how you can be more comfortable have come across your mind. This is an understandable thing. After all, who would want to be finishing computer works and eventually get the reward of having back aches, shoulder pains, and overall physical stress? If you really want to put an end to such problems, a height adjustable desk can help you in many different ways. Did you just say that you are not so familiar with some of these desks? If this is the case, you better continue reading this article.

Here are four adjustable height desks that you may find worth using:

  1. Manual/Pin Height Adjustable Desk

This is the most common type of desks which features height adjustability. As its name suggests, the height of this desk is modified manually. One of the standout characteristics of such desk types is that its height adjustment is done through pins. Pins and holes where pins enter to get locked are located on the ‘desk’s feet’. If you want to make the desk a little higher or lower, you will have to press pins and let them transfer on your preferred holes to get locked. The weight of the desk’s top portion will push it down when you press the pins to lower its height. If you want it to become relatively higher, you will have to pull the desk’s top portion up as you press the pins. Yes, it requires more efforts but this type of adjustable desk are generally low cost.

If you are a person who needs a stretch in your budget, this adjustable desk will surely work to your advantage. Due to the fact that it does not use highly expensive materials and complex engineering, you are guaranteed that you will have such desks in relatively low prices. Unlike some other types of height adjustable desks, however, those that use manual pins are not suitable for frequent adjustments. It will be quite tedious on your part to be doing the adjustment efforts manually. Nonetheless, this is among the most sought-after desks by budget-conscious consumers.

2. Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk

Have you seen a desk with a handle that moves in a rotary motion? If you have seen one, you have seen a hand crank height adjustable desk. That handle is a component of the ‘crank’. The main purpose of such structure is relevant for the desk’s height adjustments. To adjust the desk’s height, you will have to hold the crank handle and then rotate it either clockwise/counter-clockwise. The height of the desks will vary depending on how many times rotate the crank. This is suited for people who need to modify the height of their desks while exercising their arms at the same time. This is similarly manual, but the efforts in terms of height adjustments are significantly easier than that of a manual/pin height adjustable desk.

There are, however, certain disadvantages that this type of desk has. One is that it is not appropriate for heavy loads. The heavier the load of the desk is – the more difficult its height to be adjusted. The hand crank will be harder to rotate. Also, this is not suitable for frequent change of positions because you will have to be rotating the crank a lot of times.

3. Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Who says electricity is limited to machines and home appliances? Technology has really been at its best. It’s so amazing that even desks can become more functional with the aid of electricity? Thanks to the development of revolutionary electric height adjustable desks. Now, you really have an easy time adjusting the height of your desktop platform. With an electric height adjustable desk, all you need to do is to press the button! You can change the height of your desk depending on your purposes and preferences. All that it requires of you is your finger for the height adjustment button. Isn’t that desktop height adjustment in the most convenient way? These types of desks come in different electric power requirements. In addition, desktop manufacturers have even created battery-generated electric height adjustable desks to address power outages. With this desk type, there is never really a need for you to take huge efforts just to make the adjustment.

However, the fact that it uses electricity gives you the idea that you should be ready of extra expenses. Of course, you will have to consider a significant addition to your monthly bills. You need not to worry about it, though, because it’s a very minimal expense especially if you don’t really adjust its height so frequently. Well, if you have extra money for such a desk, why not get it and experience the convenience it has to offer?

4. Counterbalance Height Adjustable Desk

This type of desk allows you to be more comfortable while working because of its convenience in terms of its height adjustability. As its name, the height of this type of desk changes by controlling the counterbalance mechanism. What’s so with counterbalance height adjustable desk is that the counterbalance mechanism makes instant and effortless height adjustments. In fact, the speed of its height adjustment is the quickest among any other desks. For most clients who want to have the most convenient and noise-free working environment, this type of desk will definitely be of great help. In case you don’t know, counterbalance height adjustable desks do not operate using electricity. This only means that you will get of the stress and hassle brought by power outages and entangling cords/wires. In addition, because it does not use electricity, you need not to suffer from the distracting noise produced by a motor. In this manner, you will be able to concentrate on your work and accomplish your task for the day.

However, like any other products in the market, this type of desk also has certain disadvantages. One of which is that, it generally comes at a higher price. Also, every time you increase or decrease the load on desktop, you have to adjust the lever to make the desk counterbalance. This is something you are less likely to experience with other height adjustable desks. With all the convenience that a counterbalance desk provides, however, it can still be worth having in your home or office.

These are four of several height adjustable desks available in the market. Except for their few disadvantages, these types of desks may help a lot. Depending on your preferences and purposes, you may choose a desk that will give you more comfortable time doing your home/office works on your computer. Contact your reliable furniture shop today and get the right height adjustable desk for you.




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