We never knew that technology would converge into becoming a phenomenal breakthrough that would benefit humans in so many ways. No one ever would have imagined that the desks we use today could be electrically triggered with the help of a motor system that would make the desk adjustable. Desks are a very important component in houses, offices or schools etc as they act like a small unit of work space. This is revolutionary to see an electric height adjustable desk that is made to work through linear actuators that adjust according to the height required.  These electric height adjustable desks seem appealing this is why when you decide to buy these you have to check for a few things. The design strategy portrayed needs to be checked thoroughly so that later on you don’t regret the decision of buying it.

Set aside the benefits these desks are designed for specific uses. Each electric height adjustable desk has a different set of inbuilt mechanism that has to be checked before you can purchase it. You need to figure out whether the desk is suitable enough to be placed in a commercial or residential premise. The Anatomy of an electric height adjustable desk is a little complex so ensure that all of its parts are in place. The conventional desks seem to have no features to them this is why getting to understand this version of electric desks is important. When you are planning to invest a good amount of money on it then do some research on the specifications it has. You can also try a comparison between two similar options this way you will know which one has more value.  These are some of the factors that you need to evaluate because they play a pivotal role in selection:

  1. Motor and Controller type

Start off by identifying your need because there are two types of motors installed in these desks. If it has a single motor then it uses one motor to drive two legs of that desk according to the positioning you do. If a desk is installed with a dual motor then each motor is adjusted in each one of the legs, this way the synchronized motors allow smooth up and down transitioning. This is why the electric height adjustable desk with a single motor is cheap whereas the dual one is high priced. It is evident that the single motor desk is cheaper but the stability, safety and load capacity that the dual motor desk has is not comparable to it. These desks are manually operated through a basic up and down controller in the form of programmable buttons.

2. Overload and Overheat Protection

Although the desk is designed to withhold a good amount of weight but if the load on the desk is more than anticipated then you need a system that will adhere to this problem.  The overload protection will stop the desk from over working the up or down movement. If your usage is exceeding the prescribed cycle the mechanism of the desk will certainly heat up. The overheat protection on the other hand, stops the electric height adjustable desk from exceeding the continuous movement when it is used more than its duty cycle, because the desk’s motor will become overheated which can cause complications or damage in it. These two features protect the electric desk from undue overuse, this way your desk will have a longer life time.

3. Stability and Anti-Collision

When we move a normal desk from one place to another we often face cluttering of objects as they collide and fall down. When electric height adjustable desk adheres to this kind of situation the anti-collision system acts out. It is basically a network of integrated sensors that are on the lookout against this concern, the desk will retract and stop when it collides with objects during an up or down movement, thereby minimizing the risk of damage to the desk and improving the safety of the workstation. The motor has a lot of strength to withhold larger commodities, but it still remains a concern.

4. Power Consumption

If you are working and changing to standing and sitting positions, your desk needs to adjust itself accordingly. In order to move immediately at the push of a button, the system is built with a high attention standby mode that will adjust the height of the desk as soon as the button is pushed. Corporate users seem to have concerns regarding this but a good electric height adjustable desk will reduce the standby power consumption from the typical 1-2W to an industry leading maximum of 0.1 W, in order to save energy and reduce the carbon emission. This indicates that this desk is very eco friendly.

5. Certification

Electric appliances and products can be hazardous this is why these desks need to be safe to access as they are kept in the premises of a lot of people this is why certification is very necessary. You can check for the certification notice on these desks such as CE in Europe or UL in North America, depending on where you purchase them from. These electric height adjustable desks should have passed the EMC and LVD tests to ensure authenticity. You can also check for Green guard or RoHS certification to ensure that the desk is a healthy product for the indoor environment.

6. Life Expectancy

A desk is a durable product, not a consumer product, so when you buy it and you hope to use it for many years. Make sure that you pay attention to the life expectancy of the electric height adjustable desk. The desk should be tested for AT LEAST 10000 cycles up and down, which will assure you that the desk will be reliable to use for up to 3-5 years. The industry leader can regulate 20000 cycles which will prolong its use for 10 years.

7. Warranty

When you purchase an electric height adjustable desk you want it to work for a good number of years this is why getting a 5-year warranty is necessary. This type of extended usage might damage some parts which include the motor or controller etc. The exchange of these parts is quite costly. So 1 or 2 years warranty is not enough. You can also check these desks for a few weeks to let the manufacturer know about its working consistency. Electronic products are prone to getting slow over time because of excessive use but a well structured product will remain strong till the guaranteed time period.

8. Noise

Consumers are often concerned with the noise of electric height adjustable desks because they have a mechanical structure in them. Anything fit with a motor makes a little commotion when adjusting. The operating sound of the desk should be less than 50 dB so that when you operate the desk it doesn’t interrupt other people or annoy you.

9. Preset handset

You can also check the handset for preset function as it will operate the electric height adjustable desk automatically. This preset function is useful when you are changing positions between sitting and standing, or when the desk is used by several people one after the other. For example, if the handset has 4 preset buttons, it will set itself for 4 different heights as each person adjusts it, but the preset function will increase the risk of collision because when you press the preset button the desk will adjust to the preset height automatically. This function facilitates very well if it is being used by a single person as you don’t have to adjust your position again and again.

10. Not for children

Electric height adjustable desk is for adults only because adjusting it for certain uses is not something kids can handle. Individuals should remain careful and not let their kids operate it or use it because there is a risk of body injury and electric shock which can be hazardous for health.

Although there is a variety of electric height adjustable desks but choosing a credible option will save up you money in the long term. Each individual area of the desk determines an obvious consideration that requires to be checked. Each version of this desk is built differently so when you check them make sure that all the primary factors you are looking for are covered.

Now you know how to dismantle information about the specifications found in an electric height adjustable desk. There are a lot of questions triggered when you come across a new electric desk. The points mentioned above will act as a guideline for you to consider before you purchase it. A well-constructed desk plays a significant role in increasing your productivity, so take a detailed glance at it then decide to buy it. Selecting the best fit is an uphill task but if you devise a comparison schedule in your mind then you will always choose the right one. Pick your design according to your requirements and give these electric height adjustable desks a go!

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