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Standing Desk

A groundbreaking ergonomic innovation

Sitting too much everyday has been associated with so many health risks that could be avoided by simply standing when sitting becomes the slightest bit uncomfortable. The Ergomaker electric height adjustable desk the innovation that has come to allow smooth and easy adjustment from sitting to standing in just a few seconds, letting you change positions with ease while ultimately helping to achieve unbelievable heights of productivity in the workplace. It comes with three stage legs that have an incredible height range of 60-125 cm (24”-50”). So whether tall or short, it’s suitable for most adults, and any user can simply adjust the desk to a comfortable height anytime.

Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Deluxe handset with multi-functions

With the digital readout for precision adjustments on the control handset of the electric height adjustable desk, it’s like driving an automatic geared vehicle instead of a manual geared vehicle when you compare it to hank crank desks. There are four preset positions available, so you can just push the button to get to your preset height, and smoothly transit from sitting to standing in seconds, free of your hands.

Not just exceptional height adjustability, there’s width adjustability too!

Every single Ergomaker adjustable height desk comes with a base width that is adjustable from 101-181 cm (40”-71”), making the desk compatible with a wide range of desktop sizes between 110x60cm (43”x23.5”) and 240x120cm (94”x47”). This means that you only need the desk’s single base to perfectly fit nearly all size of desktops. So even if you want to change tabletops in the future, you can keep the base for use and save cost. Besides, there won’t be a need to produce different bases for the different tabletop size. This way the Ergomaker height adjustable desk helps to reduce the use of raw materials, save energy, and is therefore ”environmental friendly”.

Adjustable Height Desk
Sit Stand Desk

Incredibly elegant tabletop design

The default desktop of the Ergomaker standing desk comes in two lovely colored finishes of white or cherry, and features round corners so that it will not hurt the people when knocked down. It also has two beautiful chrome cable covers which would keep all the wires and cables you may need tidy and make your work surface fully organized. The size of this default desktop is the same with most popular office desk sizes at 160x80cm (63”x31.5”) and 25mm (1”) thickness. This size is large enough to hold and accommodate office supplies while the thickness is strong enough to load monitors, phones and other accessories for office use.

An advanced Anti-Collision System

With the anti-collision system which basically is a network of integrated sensors that are on the lookout, the Ergomaker sit stand desk will retract and stop when it collides with objects during an up or down movement, thereby minimizing the risk of damage to the desk and improving the safety of the workstation.

Anti Collision System

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