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Sit Stand Desk

A really thoughtful design.

The minimum height of the Ergomaker Sit Stand desk is 60cm (24”), therefore you can put objects or pedestals of up to 50cm (20”) in height under the desk. The maximum height of the Ergomaker standing desk is 125cm (50”), this range of adjustability accommodates the 5th to 95th percentile of the workforce . Thus this Ergomaker height adjustable desk ensures your maximum comfort and safety, no matter your height or optimal work posture. Moreover, it is available to be used as treadmill desk, and users can combine or remove the treadmill easily and effortlessly at any time.

100% precise ergonomic design.

To make a desk that would be compatible with accessories such as the monitor arm, the keyboard tray, the CPU holder, and laptop holders, all of which are necessary for maintaining ergonomic postures in the workplace, there could be no crossbar, visible gears, or wires hanging around whatsoever. The Ergomaker adjustable height desk features an exceptional design with no cross bar, no middle column pedestal, or annoying things hanging, thereby leaving more room for free movement of the legs and providing room to setup a precisely ergonomic workstation.

Height Adjustable Desk
Adjustable table leg

Gracefully neat assembly.

From the foot leveling stud that’s adjustable up to 1cm (0.4”) for uneven flooring, to the control box and all cables that have been neatly incorporated inside the beams, every assembly detail of this simply amazing electric height adjustable desk has been thoroughly considered. The legs are assembled on the middle of the feet and arms, and the symmetry design makes its installation easy. You don’t need to go through the hassle of considering how to position them correctly.

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